How many times can I re-use my lashes? 

You can reuse you lashes up to 30 times with proper care and maintenance in between each wear. Check our tips and tricks section for more information on how to clean your lashes after each wear! 

Are your lashes cruelty free? 

Our lashes are made of Siberian Mink fur and are 100% cruelty free. The lashes are handcrafted using shed hair. It is our guarantee that no animal is harmed in the process. 

Do you stock glue? 

Unfortunately we don't stock glue at this stage. We recommend using Duo Lash Adhesive in clear or black. If you're after latex free, we recommend the Invisible Lash Glue by Benefit Cosmetics. The latex free glue is also recommended for sensitive eyes. 

Can I use mascara on my lashes? 

Mascara isn't generally necessary due to the fullness of the lash. We recommend coating your own lashes with mascara, waiting for it to dry and then applying the false lash on top for the best outcome. We do not recommend using mascara on your lashes as it may ruin the quality of the mink hair and you won't be able to reuse them up to 30 times. 

Can I wear my lashes overnight? 

We strongly recommend removing your lashes before bed. Sleeping whilst wearing false lashes may cause irritation, especially for sensitive eyes. 

Can I wear my lashes in the shower or in water? 

We do not recommend wetting your lashes. The mink fur is soft and delicate so any encounter with water will affect the curl and longevity. 

Can I wear my lashes under glasses? 

You sure can! We'd recommend opting in for the Classic Collection as the lash length is shorter, avoiding the irritation of your false lashes touching your glasses when you blink.